The Power of Leveraging

The concept of Leveraging is important in any business endeavors. The two most popular leveraging is that of Time and Money. There is a limit that a person or corporation can have in terms of time and money. It is therefore necessary to leverage on other peoples’ time and money.
To quote from W Clement Stone, “The best sort of money to use in a business endeavor is OPM (Other Peoples’ Money).” In network marketing we can also add the following leveraging to assist us:
OPT which stands for:
Other Peoples’ Time
Other Peoples’ Talent
Other Peoples’ Techniques
OPE which stands for:
Other Peoples’ Energy
Other Peoples’ Education
Other Peoples’ Enthusiasm
Network marketing is peoples’ power. Other people are our greatest resources, and this resource is in great supply everywhere.
Everyone have only 24 hours in a day, whether you are a pauper or a millionaire. It is quite unusual for most people to work only 8 hours a day due to the heavy workload and overtime. However, we will use 8 hours a day in our illustration. Working a five days week you will have 40 hours of productive time. In 50 weeks a year (assuming you take 2 weeks for vacation) you will have 2000 hours. In a lifetime of productivity you will only have 80,000 hours if you work for 40 years of your life. This is not much of time and especially if you are already in your middle ages.
In network marketing, if you have 20,000 people in your network after a number of years, and lets say these people only work for one day of 8 hours. You will then have generated 160,000 hours in a day, i.e. twice that of your life time of 80,000 hours. There is no way of achieving this if you use your own time. This is the essence of leveraging whether it is for time, money, enthusiasm, etc.

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